How to Adopt a Whippet from WRAP

Adoption Application - - PDF Format - print and mail to the WRAP Rescuer nearest you
E-mail Application - - Copy and paste into an e-mail, fill in the blanks, and send to the WRAP Rescuer nearest you

Adoption fees:

Step 1 - Complete the Adoption application. You can submit the application either by e-mail (preferred) or USPS mail.

Step 2 - Check out the Homes Needed page

A. If you see a dog listed that you think might be a fit for your family:

  1. First, determine whether you are geographically close enough to be eligible to adopt. WRAP does not ship rescue Whippets. Occasionally, we will consider applicants who are farther away; HOWEVER, preference is given to those within a reasonable driving distance. The reason for this is that, should an adoption not work out or should you need support, it is easier to do so when the adopter is reasonably close.
  2. If you are close enough, submit the completed application to the rescuer fostering the Whippet that interests you.
  3. The rescuer will contact you to discuss in more detail about the dog she/he is fostering.
  4. If it looks like your situation might be a match for the dog, the rescuer will arrange for you to visit the dog. (In addition, she/he may also ask to arrange for a visit to your home as part of the process)
  5. If all goes well, you will soon have a new member of your family to snuggle with on the couch!

B. If you checked out the Homes Needed Page and the dogs listed were either too far away or not what you were looking for, you can:

  1. Check with your nearest rescuer to see if there are any dogs soon to be available. In addition to those dogs listed on the Homes Needed page, quite often there are Whippets "in the wings," i.e. those that might be coming in or those who are already in a foster situation but not yet ready to be placed. Dogs are not listed on our Homes Needed page until they are actually ready for new homes. Often a rescue dog will stay in a foster home for several months before being listed, so just because you don't see one in your state does not mean there isn't one in the system. Therefore, even if there are no Whippets listed in your area, we recommend that you contact your nearest rescuer and ask whether he/she knows of any Whippets that might be available
  2. Place an application on file and wait. You are welcome to place an application on file with your nearest rescuer and wait for a suitable dog to become available. However, please be aware that "on file" applications are only kept active for about 30 days. Therefore a follow up e-mail that you are still interested would be needed for this type of wait and see approach.
  3. Contact local breeders to see if they have a dog in need of a new home. Fortunately, - for the dogs - there are usually more potential adopters of rescue Whippets than there are Whippets available. The dogs who end up with WRAP are usually those who are products of puppy millers, back yard breeders, pet store purchases or those whose breeders either can't be identified or whose breeders are no longer able to take their dogs back (due to death or health reasons, etc.).

We are proud that the majority of Whippet breeders accept lifetime responsibility for the puppies they produce. Therefore, the majority of Whippets whose homes don't work out are returned to their breeders. The responsible, reputable Whippet breeders are the biggest reason that there are so few Whippets available thru WRAP.

Therefore, while we do make an effort to give preference to the dogs being fostered by WRAP rescuers - because those dogs are guests in the foster parent's home - if you are unable to find a WRAP Whippet to adopt, WRAP representatives will be happy to provide you with contact information for reputable breeders in your area. They just may have the perfect dog in need of a new home! A dog who - if not produced by a responsible, reputable breeder - WOULD have ended up in a rescue or shelter!

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